Due to ongoing immigration of people to the Netherlands, Dutch society has become a multicultural society. In chapter 1, it is pointed out that the cultural diversity that accompanies immigration could lead to acts that are an offence under Dutch law. These so-called cultural offences can be serious. Among others, they challenge criminal law judges to find solutions on how to cope with the cultural background of these offences and of the offender. The question answered in this research is: Does the Dutch criminal law attempt to create possibilities in dealing with the cultural conditioning of cultural offences and the cultural background of a defendant?

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Keywords criminal law, cultural diversity, culture
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ten Voorde, J.M. (2007, June 28). Cultuur als Verweer: een grondslagentheoretische studie naar de ruimte en grenzen van culturele diversiteit in enige leerstukken van materieel strafrecht. Wolf Legal Publishers, Nijmegen (http://www.wolfpublishers.nl). Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/10419