Contains the following essays:
- Local Economic Development in Villa El Salvador
- Shopping for the Planet: Can Eco-labelling play a part in marine conservation?
- The ICC: a criminal court or mechanism for transitional justice? Reparations for victims of international criminal crimes: the ICC‘s biggest challenge
- Land Title to the Tiller: Skeptical Reflections on Land Tenure Policy in the Philippines after the Passage of Republic Act 9700 (CARP Extension with Reform Law)
- A 'post-ICPD Approach' to Understanding and Transforming HIV Risks and Vulnerabilities among Young People in Vanuatu
- The Cocha-bamba "Water War": Beyond popular alliance and identity construction; a historical materialist analysis of counter-hegemonic resistance in Bolivia
- "Give us today our daily bread". Religion and social policy: a case for considering the role of religion in influencing social policy
- Development Aid: Postponing Sustainable Development in Africa Until Further Notice
- Local Tax Effort and Accountability in the Resources-Rich Local Governments: Initial Evidences of Resources Curse in Indonesia
- Power, Sexuality and Transience: Policing of Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore
- American Women‘s Movement in Turmoil: An Analysis of "American Electra" by Susan Faludi
- Global Value Chain of Somali Piracy
- "Is it worth to target?"

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Editor F.A. Díaz Sr. (Fabio Andrés) , G.V. Dénes (Gustavo) , R. Jaye de la Cruz (Rosselynn)
ISBN 978-90-815873-9-6
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Juan Francisco Chavez R., Clara Angelica Garcia Orozco, Saskia Widenhorn, Camilla Zanzanaini, Jaye de la Cruz, R, Mahsa Shekarloo, … Camilo Ardila Galvis. (2011). Perspectives in development : an exercise in worldmaking. (F.A Díaz Sr., G.V Dénes, & R Jaye de la Cruz, Eds.). Retrieved from