Contains the following essays:
- Local Economic Development in Villa El Salvador
- Shopping for the Planet: Can Eco-labelling play a part in marine conservation?
- The ICC: a criminal court or mechanism for transitional justice? Reparations for victims of international criminal crimes: the ICC‘s biggest challenge
- Land Title to the Tiller: Skeptical Reflections on Land Tenure Policy in the Philippines after the Passage of Republic Act 9700 (CARP Extension with Reform Law)
- A 'post-ICPD Approach' to Understanding and Transforming HIV Risks and Vulnerabilities among Young People in Vanuatu
- The Cocha-bamba "Water War": Beyond popular alliance and identity construction; a historical materialist analysis of counter-hegemonic resistance in Bolivia
- "Give us today our daily bread". Religion and social policy: a case for considering the role of religion in influencing social policy
- Development Aid: Postponing Sustainable Development in Africa Until Further Notice
- Local Tax Effort and Accountability in the Resources-Rich Local Governments: Initial Evidences of Resources Curse in Indonesia
- Power, Sexuality and Transience: Policing of Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore
- American Women‘s Movement in Turmoil: An Analysis of "American Electra" by Susan Faludi
- Global Value Chain of Somali Piracy
- "Is it worth to target?"

F.A. Díaz Sr. (Fabio Andrés) , G.V. Dénes (Gustavo) , R. Jaye de la Cruz (Rosselynn)
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Juan Francisco Chavez R., Clara Angelica Garcia Orozco, Saskia Widenhorn, Camilla Zanzanaini, Jaye de la Cruz, R., Mahsa Shekarloo, … Camilo Ardila Galvis. (2011). Perspectives in development : an exercise in worldmaking. (F. A. Díaz Sr., G. Dénes, & R. Jaye de la Cruz, Eds.). Retrieved from