The reference numbers were incorrectly cited in column 3 of Table 3 by de Leeuw et al in Volume 27 Issue 12 of Pediatric Anesthesia. The correct reference numbers are mentioned below in column 3: TABLE 3 (corrected) (Table presented.) The author apologizes for the error.

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Journal Paediatric Anaesthesia
de Leeuw, T.G, Dirckx, M, Gonzalez Candel, A, Scoones, I, Huygen, F.J.P.M, & de Wildt, S.N. (2017). Corrigendum to: The use of dipyrone (metamizol) as an analgesic in children: what is the evidence? A review. Paediatric Anaesthesia, 28(3). doi:10.1111/pan.13341