The first part of the thesis addresses CPP after laparotomy judged to be caused by adhesions. It aims to assess long term results of laparoscopic adhesiolysis as a treatment for CPP.
The second part of the thesis addresses CPP after inguinal hernia repair (CPIP). It aims to determine whether a self-gripping mesh for open inguinal hernia repair according to Lichtenstein influences the incidence of CPIP.
The third part focuses on the methodological quality and comparability of studies addressing CPIP after Lichtenstein hernioplasty. It aims to assess whether study outcomes are valid and can be compared to each other to make firm conclusions about the best treatment or prevention method for CPIP.

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J.F. Lange (Johan) , J. Jeekel (Hans) , D.J. Swank (Dingeman)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Surgery

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