This paper starst with a brief historical account of what happened in the world after 1989. This will result in a description of the dynamic network society we are living in today and a reflection on the role Curaçao could play in such a society. Then I will give some of my views on universities in general, followed by some suggestions for how the University of Curaçao can help to strengthen the position of the beautiful country of Curaçao within the super volatile world of today.

Networks, Hubs, Small Island Economies, University Management
Latin America; Caribbean (jel N16), Latin America; Caribbean (jel N96), Economic Impacts of Globalization: Economic Development (jel F63), Climate; Natural Disasters; Global Warming (jel Q54)
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Spronk, J. (2016). Sunny Hub: A New Future for Curacao. Retrieved from