The commentary by Schroder et al. on our report “Belatacept Does Not Inhibit Follicular T Cell- Dependent B-Cell Differentiation in Kidney Transplantation,” challenges our findings and conclusions by questioning the methodology, definitions and interpretation of the results. We appreciate the comments and acknowledge that discussion about the mechanistic basis of the rejection response will advance our understanding of this process and may improve outcomes after transplantation, the goal of the transplant community. [...]

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Frontiers in Immunology
Department of Internal Medicine

Baan, C., de Graav, G., Weimar, W., & Hesselink, D. (2018). Response: Commentary: Belatacept does not inhibit follicular T cell-dependent B-cell differentiation in kidney transplantation. Frontiers in Immunology, 9(MAR). doi:10.3389/fimmu.2018.00466