The authors wish to apologize for the following two errors in the original article: (i) the first name of a co-author, Huseyin Gencay Keceli, was omitted; (ii) the statement 'This research was financially supported by the Turkish Scientific and Research Council (TUBITAK) (Grant no: 114S543)' was omitted. These have both now been corrected online.,
Human Molecular Genetics
Department of Internal Medicine

Munz, M. (Matthias), Willenborg, C., Richter, G.M. (Gesa M.), Jockel-Schneider, Y. (Yvonne), Graetz, C. (Christian), Staufenbiel, I. (Ingmar), … Schaefer, A. (2018). Corrigendum: A genome-wide association study identifies nucleotide variants at SIGLEC5 and DEFA1A3 as risk loci for periodontitis [Human Molecular Genetics., 26, 13, (2017) (2577-2588)]. Human Molecular Genetics, 27(5), 941–942. doi:10.1093/hmg/ddy015