The aim of this thesis is to further elucidate neural mechanisms underlying the role of the cerebellum in generalized epilepsy and more specifically if the cerebellum can be used as a remote control site to influence thalamocortical networks in health and during epilepsy.

cerebellum, thalamus, epilepsy
C.I. de Zeeuw (Chris) , C.M.F. Dirven (Clemens) , F.E. Hoebeek (Freek)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The research in this thesis was financially supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO-VIDI grant #016.121.346) and internal grant program of the Erasmus Medical Center (mRace).
Department of Neuroscience

Eelkman Rooda, O.H.J. (2018, March 28). Cerebellar Impact on Thalamocortical Networks in Epilepsy. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from