The overall aim of this thesis was to study the factors associated with activity in older age and to examine the association of activity domains with mortality, cardiovascular disorders and mental health outcomes.
In Chapter 2, we discuss differences between objectively and subjectively measured physical activity, as well as provide an overview of the 24-hour activity distribution in an elderly population and report which factors are associated with physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleep.
In Chapter 3, we discuss the association between physical activity and sedentary behavior with all-cause and cause-specific mortality.
In Chapter 4, we discuss the association of overall physical activity and specific physical activity types with several cardiovascular health outcomes.
In Chapter 5, we study the association of physical activity and sedentary behavior with mental health and wellbeing, including health-related quality of life, depression, anxiety and cognition.
Last, in the general discussion in Chapter 6, we address methodological considerations, practical implications of our findings and suggestions for future research.

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O.H. Franco (Oscar) , H.W. Tiemeier (Henning) , J.D. Schoufour (Josje) , K. Dhana (Klodian)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Epidemiology

Koolhaas, C. (2018, March 28). Activity and Health: epidemiological studies in older adults. Retrieved from