Many studies have shown that psychology affects consumers’ economic decisions. Indeed, almost everyone occasionally makes economic choices that don’t quite make logical sense. It’s tempting to think professional managers working for a business aren’t as susceptible to this kind of weakness.
Faced with technological opportunities, for instance, hyper-logical and highly experienced executives should base all their decisions strictly on the merits of each case.
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This article draws its inspiration from the paper Are Managers Motivated to Explore in the Face of a New Technological Change? The Role of Regulatory Focus, Fit, and Complexity of Decision-Making, written by Saeedeh Ahmadi, Saeed Khanagha, Luca Berchicci, and Justin J.P. Jansen, and published in the Journal of Management Studies, 54: 209–237.

Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Ahmadi, S. (2017). Decision-making: are managers biased by their characters?. RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge, 31(3), 14–16. Retrieved from