Background: Literature suggests a positive impact of self-administration of medication during hospitalization on medication adherence and safety, and on patient satisfaction. However, self-administration is not a common practice in Belgian hospitals. The aim of this study was to describe patients’ willingness towards self-administration of medication while in hospital. Methods: A cross-sectional observational study was conducted in three Belgian hospitals in November and December 2015. All patients of 14 randomly selected wards were asked to participate. The structured questionnaire comprised patient characteristics, their willingness and attitude towards self-administration of medication, perceived ability to self-administer during hospitalization, and prerequisites and perceived consequences. Results: In total, 124 patients participated (36% of all eligible patients). The main reasons not to participate were the patients’ physical and mental condition (30%) and the absence of patients during the time of data collection (23%). The majority of the 124 participating patients had a positive attitude towards the implementation of self-administration; 83.9% were willing to self-administer their medication while in hospital. Most important prerequisites were self-administration at home before and after hospitalization, patients’ motivation, and a regular evaluation of the patients’ competences. Patients acknowledged benefits such as an increase in autonomy, independence and medication knowledge. Patients did not expect self-administration would cause important safety issues. Conclusion: The majority of patients, capable of participating in the study, would want to self-administer medication during hospitalization. They had a positive attitude towards self-administration of medication. Nevertheless, patients stated important conditions which need to be considered in order to implement self-administration.

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Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety
Department of Pharmacy

Vanwesemael, T. (Toke), Boussery, K, van den Bemt, P.M.L.A, & Dilles, T. (Tinne). (2018). The willingness and attitude of patients towards self-administration of medication in hospital. Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety. doi:10.1177/2042098618764536