The French Jesuit Du Halde wrote on China's culture in the 17th and 18th centuries. His focus is the church's point of view. Diderot, Philosophe and Encyclopédist, analysed Chinese and Tahitian thoughts for a morally free society. The Sinologist Van Gulik explored Chinese sexual culture in two works. This paper provides an insight into the female roles in China with the link to the West.

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Keywords China, Diderot, Du Halde, Female roles, Robert Hans van Gulik, Sexuality
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Journal Studia Orientalia Slovaca
Heule, F, & Ye, S. (Shi). (2017). Notes on female sexual roles in China in readings from Du Halde, Diderot and Van Gulik. Studia Orientalia Slovaca, 16(1), 111–142. Retrieved from

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