This article examines the evolution of competition law cases in the context of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The Competition Commission of India and Competition Appellate Tribunal of India are two of the most important emerging institutions in guiding firm behaviour and competition in modern India. Together with other institutions, it is important that their activities are guided by economic reasoning, which for the most part, they seem to be doing. This article was a short attempt in highlighting their status as of today. Our data and analysis, which for the first time assembles historical information and demonstrates heterogeneities in behaviours and outcomes therein, should provide a starting point to conduct more fine-grained analysis on the evolution of competition law cases in the Indian pharmaceutical sector and more broadly across the economy.

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Journal of Antitrust Enforcement
Erasmus School of Economics

Bhaskarabhatla, A., & Chatterjee, C. (2017). Whither competition law in Indian pharmaceutical markets?. Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 5(2), 291–298. doi:10.1093/jaenfo/jnx007