The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the impact of several patient- and treatment related factors on the outcome of patients with metastatic breast cancer. The efficacy of anti-Her2 agents in the treatment of Her2 positive MBC is well established across clinical trials. However, the field of Her2-targeted therapy in Her2 positive MBC is rapidly evolving and sometimes previous cohorts of patients in clinical trials are therefore not representative anymore for the current daily clinical practice. In general, most patients in clinical trials were trastuzumab-naive before enrollment in the study according to current guidelines. As a result, the efficacy of retreatment with anti-Her2 agents after progressive disease on previous Her2- targeted therapy with the same agents remains unclear.

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S. Sleijfer (Stefan) , A. Jager (Agnes) , M.-D. Levin (Mark-David)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Medical Oncology

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