In this report (in Dutch), developed by Van Es Marketing Services at the request of Uitgeverij Lakerveld B.V., the results of a survey are presented of the experiences and views of aestheticians (n=302) in the Netherlands with regard to ethical issues arising in the beauty salon. The survey was developed and used by a group of medical ethicists (Eline M. Bunnik, Frans Meulenberg, Inez D. de Beaufort) at Erasmus MC, as part of a research project aimed at the development of national ethics guidelines for aestheticians, in collaboration with ANBOS, a national trade organization of aestheticians. The results of the research project were presented in a book (in Dutch) and in an academic publication.

Van Es Marketing Services

Onderzoeksrapport Schoonheidsspecialisten en ethiek. (2015). Onderzoeksrapport Schoonheidsspecialisten en ethiek. Retrieved from