This thesis describes studies aimed at optimizing and thus tailor treatment strategies for the individual patient with colorectal liver metastases. Aims were to:
- Conduct a multicenter randomized controlled trial to assess the effect of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in high-risk resectable patients;
- Evaluate and improve logistics of multicenter randomized trials in the Netherlands in general;
- Identify and evaluate new biomarkers in order to improve patient selection for various treatment modalities (prognostic/predictive markers);
- Optimize patient referral for surgery and assessment of resectability for patients with CRLM;
- Assess and improve the value of surveillance after curative treatment for colorectal cancer

C. Verhoef (Kees) , D.J. Grunhagen (Dirk Jan)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Surgical Oncology

van der Stok, E. P. (2018, September 21). Tailoring treatment strategies for colorectal liver metastasis. Retrieved from