Background:Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) identified single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) involved in adult fat distribution. Whether these SNPs also affect abdominal and organ-specific fat accumulation in children is unknown.Methods:In a population-based prospective cohort study among 1995 children (median age: 9.8 years, 95% range 9.4-10.8), we tested the associations of six genetic risk scores based on previously identified SNPs for childhood body mass index (BMI), adult BMI, liver fat, waist-hip ratio, pericardial fat mass, visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue ratio (VAT/SAT ratio) and four individual SAT-and VAT-Associated SNPs for association with SAT (N=1746), VAT (N=1742), VAT/SAT ratio (N=1738), liver fat fraction (N=1950) and pericardial fat mass (N=1803) measured by magnetic resonance imaging.Results:Per additional risk allele in the childhood BMI genetic risk score, SAT increased 0.020 s.d. scores (SDS) (95% confidence interval (CI): 0.009 to 0.031, P-value: 3.28 × 10-4) and VAT increased 0.021 SDS (95% CI: 0.009 to 0.032, P-value: 4.68 × 10-4). The adult BMI risk score was positively associated with SAT (0.022 SDS increase, CI: 0.015 to 0.029, P-value: 1.33 × 10-9) and VAT (0.017 SDS increase, CI: 0.010 to 0.025, P-value: 7.00 × 10-6) and negatively with VAT/SAT ratio (-0.012 SDS decrease, CI:-0.019 to-0.006, P-value: 2.88 × 10-4). The liver fat risk score was associated with liver fat fraction (0.121 SDS, CI: 0.086 to 0.157, P-value: 2.65 × 10-11). Rs7185735 (SAT) was associated with SAT (0.151 SDS, CI: 0.087 to 0.214, P-value: 3.00 × 10-6) and VAT/SAT ratio (-0.126 SDS, CI:-0.186 to-0.065, P-value: 4.70 × 10-5). After stratification by sex the associations of the adult BMI risk score with SAT and VAT and of the liver fat risk score with liver fat fraction remained in both sexes. Associations of the childhood BMI risk score with SAT, and the adult BMI risk score with VAT/SAT ratio, were present among boys only, whereas the association of the pericardial fat risk score with pericardial fat was present among girls only.Conclusion:Genetic variants associated with BMI, body fat distribution, liver and pericardial fat already affect body fat distribution in childhood.,
International Journal of Obesity
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Poppelaars-Monnereau, C., Santos, S. (S.), van der Lugt, A., Jaddoe, V., & Felix, J.F. (J. F.). (2018). Associations of adult genetic risk scores for adiposity with childhood abdominal, liver and pericardial fat assessed by magnetic resonance imaging. International Journal of Obesity, 42(4), 897–904. doi:10.1038/ijo.2017.302