Aim: To determine the willingness of women with extremely dense breasts to undergo breast cancer screening with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in a research setting, and to examine reasons for women to participate or not. Materials and methods: Between 2011 and 2015, 8,061 women (50–75 years) were invited for supplemental MRI as part of the Dense Tissue and Early Breast Neoplasm Screening (DENSE) trial ( Identifier: NCT01315015), after a negative screening mammography in the national population-based mammography screening programme. Demographics of participants and non-participants were compared. All invitees were asked to report reasons for (non)participation. Ethical approval was obtained. Participants provided written informed consent. Results: Of the 8,061 invitees, 66% answered that they were interested, and 59% eventually participated. Participants were on average 54-years old (interquartile range: 51–59 years), comparable to women with extremely dense breasts in the population-based screening programme (55 years). Women with higher socio-economic status (SES) were more often interested in participation than women with lower SES (68% versus 59%, p<0.001). The most frequently stated reasons for non-participation were “MRI-related inconveniences and/or self-reported contraindications to MRI” (27%) and “anxiety regarding the result of supplemental screening” (21%). “Expected personal health benefit” (68%) and “contribution to science” (43%) were the most frequent reasons for participation. Conclusion: Of women invited for MRI because of extremely dense breasts, 59% participated. Common reasons for non-participation were “MRI-related inconveniences” and “anxiety regarding the result of supplemental screening”. In case of future implementation, availability of precise evidence on benefits and harms might reduce this anxiety.,
Clinical Radiology
Department of Public Health

de Lange, S.V. (S. V.), Bakker, M., Monninkhof, E., Peeters, P. H. M., de Koekkoek-Doll, P.K. (P. K.), Mann, R., … van Gils, C. (2018). Reasons for (non)participation in supplemental population-based MRI breast screening for women with extremely dense breasts. Clinical Radiology. doi:10.1016/j.crad.2018.04.002