In this thesis videothermography is developed and evaluated as a diagnostic and monitoring tool in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 1 (CRPS1). This work is conducted within four pre- set developmental phases: namely, the initial, potential, monitoring and diagnostic phases. Two main methods of measurement were developed and evaluated, namely: i) static videothermography: recording of a thermographic image of an extremity without application of any disturbing factors on temperature regulation and ii) dynamic videothermography: recordings of a sequence of thermographic images during application of various disturbing effects on temperature regulation of the human body. The recorded thermographic images were analysed by means of various mathematical methods and their additive value in the assessment of CRPS1 was studied.

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Klein, Prof. Dr. J. (promotor)
J. Klein (Jan)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Cardiovascular Research School Erasmus University Rotterdam (COEUR)

Niehof, S. (2007, October 3). Video thermography: complex regional pain syndrome in the picture. Retrieved from