On 19 October 2017 the TMD editorial board organized a workshop fully devoted to the (ir)relevance of best practices in mediaton. The mediation, which took place in Brussels in the framework of the Belgian annual Mediation Week, was chaired by Annie de Roo and Herman Verbist who addressed the speakers with inter alia the question: 'Is there a need for best practices in mediation?'

Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement
Erasmus School of Law

de Roo, A., & Verbist, H. (2017). Mediation-bemiddeling en 'best practices' in Vlaanderen en Nederland. Nederlands-Vlaams tijdschrift voor mediation en conflictmanagement, 2017(3), 5–10. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/107069