IS propaganda is assumed to contribute to radicalization of Western Muslims. How IS propaganda reaches the hearts and minds of Western Muslims and consequently fuels radicalization is nonetheless an understudied topic. Through content analysis of all fifteen issues of IS-glossy Dabiq this article demonstrates how IS propaganda works in Dabiq. First, IS attunes in Dabiq to factors that foster radicalization according to the literature. IS does so by its discussion in Dabiq of injustice done to Muslims worldwide, the image of the Western enemy, and its positive presentation of the individual and group identity of IS fighters. Second, in Dabiq IS paves the way for embracing violent means, such as terrorist attacks on Western civilians through a discourse of ‘denial’.,
Tijdschrift over Cultuur en Criminaliteit

Geelhoed, F., van Wieringen, L., van den Akker, K., Crolla, F., & Senatori, I. (2017). Hoe IS-glossy Dabiq harten van westerse moslims wint. Tijdschrift over Cultuur en Criminaliteit, 7(2), 81–98. doi:10.5553/TCC/221195072017007002005