Summary: The effect of intravenously administered aprindine (AC 1802) as a prophylactic agent against ventricular arrhythmias was studied in pigs. During the first 30 min of ischaemia 5 of the 22 untreated animals died because of ventricular fibrillation against 1 of the 23 animals pretreated with aprindine (P=0.09). Ventricular tachycardias were observed in 10 untreated animals and in none of the aprindine group (P=0.0002). The incidence of other arrhythmias was significantly less in the aprindine group compared with the untreated group (P <0.02).,
Cardiovascular Research

Verdouw, P., Remme, W., & Hugenholtz, P. (1977). Cardiovascular and antiarrhythmic effects of aprindine (AC 1802) during partial occlusion of a coronary artery in the pig. Cardiovascular Research (Vol. 11, pp. 317–323). doi:10.1093/cvr/11.4.317