Summary: The long-term behaviour of the aortic-valve allograft seems to be dependent on the maintenance of its matrix. Protein and collagen synthesis was studied in rat aortic-valves. Quantitative and qualitative methods proved the production of at least two protein pools. One protein pool is localised intracellularily with a 'turn-over' time of about 2 weeks, and a second pool is localised extracellularily with a 'turn-over' time of at least 8 weeks. The latter protein pool mainly consists of collagen.

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Journal Cardiovascular Research
van der Kamp, A.W.M, & Nauta, J. (1979). Fibroblast function and the maintenance of the aortic-valve matrix. Cardiovascular Research (Vol. 13, pp. 167–172). doi:10.1093/cvr/13.3.167