This article argues that the nonprofit case for corporate volunteering is complex, requiring a multi-level perspective on the outcomes for nonprofit organizations (NPOs). To develop this perspective, we adopted an inductive research approach, conducting 39 exploratory semi-structured interviews with NPO staff. We argue that NPO scholars and practitioners should disentangle individual and organizational-level outcomes resulting from interactions between corporate volunteers and NPO staff, as such micro-dynamics ultimately affect NPO services. Moreover, these outcomes are subject to conditions at the organizational level (e.g. involvement of intermediaries), as well as at the individual level (e.g. type of assignment). Our study highlights the complexity that should be considered when addressing the fundamental question of whether corporate volunteering contributes to the ability of NPOs to provide their services, and under what conditions. We therefore propose that corporate volunteer management within NPOs is inherently, albeit contingently, intertwined with the services that these organizations provide.

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Keywords Corporate volunteering, multi-level, nonprofit case, qualitative
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Journal The Service Industries Journal
Roza, L, Shachar, I. (Itamar), Meijs, L.C.P.M, & Hustinx, L. (2017). The nonprofit case for corporate volunteering: a multi-level perspective. The Service Industries Journal, 37(11-12), 746–765. doi:10.1080/02642069.2017.1347158