The relationship between culture and tourism has been widely investigated from different perspectives. A large strand of literature studies the role of cultural heritage to attract tourists, while a rich bulk of studies on cultural participation investigates the impact of tourism flows on the demand for culture. Another aspect worth investigating relates to the link between cultural participation and the performance of tourism destinations (TDs), as a higher cultural participation in an area could boost the performance in the management of tourism resources. However, so far, this issue has been disregarded in the literature, and this paper aims at filling this gap. Specifically, it studies the effect of cultural participation on TDs’ performance using a conditional efficiency approach that ensures robust inference on the role of environmental factors. We employ data on the Italian regions for the period 2004–2010, and we explore the role of cultural participation for tourism by using several indicators. Our findings offer empirical support to the positive role of cultural participation and, thus, suggest that public cultural policies might also boost the efficiency of the tourism sector.

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Journal of Cultural Economics
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Guccio, C., Lisi, D. (Domenico), Martorana, M. (Marco), & Mignosa, A. (2017). On the role of cultural participation in tourism destination performance: an assessment using robust conditional efficiency approach. Journal of Cultural Economics, 41(2), 129–154. doi:10.1007/s10824-017-9295-z