Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is still the leading cause of cancer death worldwide, with a poor prognosis. In the era of immunotherapies, the field is rapidly changing, and the clinician needs to be aware of the current state and future perspectives of immunotherapeutic strategies. In this review, we discuss the current status of immune checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccines and cellular therapies specifically in NSCLC. Last but not least, we will discuss rational combination strategies that are promising for the near future.

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Keywords cancer vaccines, cellular therapy, combination therapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors, immunotherapy, non-small-cell lung cancer
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Journal Immunotherapy
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Steendam, C.M.J. (Christi M. J.), Dammeijer, F, Aerts, J.G.J.V, & Cornelissen, R. (2017). Immunotherapeutic strategies in non-small-cell lung cancer: The present and the future. Immunotherapy (Vol. 9, pp. 507–520). doi:10.2217/imt-2016-0151