Development of hematopoietic populations through the process of differentiation is critical for proper hematopoiesis. The transcription factor CCAAT/enhancer binding protein alpha (C/EBPα) is a master regulator of myeloid differentiation, and the identification of C/EBPα target genes is key to understand this process. Here we identified the Ecotropic Viral Integration Site 2B (EVI2B) gene as a direct target of C/EBPα. We showed that the product of the gene, the transmembrane glycoprotein EVI2B (CD361), is abundantly expressed on the surface of primary hematopoietic cells, the highest levels of expression being reached in mature granulocytes. Using shRNA-mediated downregulation of EVI2B in human and murine cell lines and in primary hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, we demonstrated impaired myeloid lineage development and altered progenitor functions in EVI2B-silenced cells. We showed that the compromised progenitor functionality in Evi2b-depleted cells can be in part explained by deregulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis. In addition, we generated an Evi2b knockout murine model and demonstrated altered properties of hematopoietic progenitors, as well as impaired G-CSF dependent myeloid colony formation in the knockout cells. Remarkably, we found that EVI2B is significantly downregulated in human acute myeloid leukemia samples characterized by defects in CEBPA. Altogether, our data demonstrate that EVI2B is a downstream target of C/EBPα, which regulates myeloid differentiation and functionality of hematopoietic progenitors.,
Cell Death & Differentiation
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Zjablovskaja, P, Kardosova, M. (Miroslava), Danek, P. (Petr), Angelisova, P. (Pavla), Benoukraf, T, Wurm, A.A. (Alexander A.), … Alberich-Jorda, M. (2017). EVI2B is a C/EBPα target gene required for granulocytic differentiation and functionality of hematopoietic progenitors. Cell Death & Differentiation, 24(4), 705–716. doi:10.1038/cdd.2017.6