This study aims at detecting and categorizing early warning signs of aggressive behavior in child psychiatric units. We analyzed 575 violent incident report forms and developed a coding scheme consisting of 16 warning signs. From the 575 incident report forms, a total of 1087 signs were coded. Most common warning signs were ‘restlessness’ (21.2%), ‘not listening’ (15.2%) and ‘anger’ (9.8%). These were also the most prevalent warning signs for the severe incidents. Although warning signs differ for each individual child, this study indicates that there are common warning signs for imminent aggressive incidents in child psychiatric facilities.,
Archives of Psychiatric Nursing

Faay, M.D.M. (Margo D.M.), Valenkamp, M., & Nijman, H. (2017). Warning Signs prior to Aggressive Behavior in Child Psychiatric Units. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 31(1), 43–47. doi:10.1016/j.apnu.2016.07.016