Mesenchymal stem cells/marrow stromal cells (MSCs) are attractive for applications ranging from research and development to use in clinical therapeutics. However, the most commonly studied MSCs, adult bone marrow MSCs (A-MSCs), are limited by significant donor variation resulting in inconsistent expansion rates and multilineage differentiation capabilities. We have recently obtained permission to isolate pediatric MSCs (P-MSCs) from surplus iliac crest bone chips. Here, we developed a simple and easily replicable isolation protocol yielding P-MSCs, which adhere to MSC defining guidelines. After confirming immunophenotypic marker expression, we compared expansion rates, senescence, morphology, and trilineage differentiation of P-MSCs to A-MSCs for multiple donors. We found P-MSCs have faster in vitro replication, consistently show significantly lower senescence, and are capable of more reproducible multilineage differentiation than A-MSCs. We, therefore, believe P-MSCs are a promising candidate for use in research applications and potentially as part of an allogeneic therapeutic treatment.

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Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Knuth, C., Kiernan, C.H. (Caoimhe H.), Palomares Cabeza, V. (Virginia), Lehmann, J., Witte-Bouma, J., ten Berge, D., … Farrell, E. (2018). Isolating Pediatric Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Enhanced Expansion and Differentiation Capabilities. Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods, 24(6), 313–321. doi:10.1089/ten.tec.2018.0031