While the influx of asylum seekers is decreasing, the question emerges how to facilitate the integration of recently arrived permit-holding asylum migrants into the Dutch society. In this article we give an overview of existing research on the integration trajectories of earlier cohorts of permit-holders. We focus on their resources (education, language profciency, health), their integration into the labour market, and on their socio-cultural integration: social contacts, cultural values and identifcation with host country. As integration is a two-way process, we also shed light on the receiving society: do permit holders feel accepted into the Dutch society and what is the public opinion on accommodating asylum seekers? We use these insights to discuss expectations on the integration of the current stream of asylum seekers.

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doi.org/10.5117/MEM2017.4.HUI, hdl.handle.net/1765/109009
Mens en Maatschappij: tijdschrift voor sociale wetenschappen
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Huink, W. (Willem), Dagevos, J., & Miltenburg, E. (Emily). (2017). Integration of permit holders: Looking back and moving forward: An overview of research on the integration of permit-holding asylum migrants Een staalkaart van statushouders: Over de integratie van statushouders in Nederland. Mens en Maatschappij: tijdschrift voor sociale wetenschappen (Vol. 92, pp. 359–394). doi:10.5117/MEM2017.4.HUI