Organizational change is seen as an integral part of organizational life and as a critical driver of organizational success (Beer & Nohria, 2000). Recent studies reveal that there is a high rate of failure of organizational change (Beer & Nohria, 2000) which in some cases reaches the pessimistic 80% to 90% (Burnes, 2011; Cartwright & Schoenberg, 2006). The potential impact of change on both organizations and individuals is significant. On the positive side, change can challenge the status quo and provide opportunities for growth, learning and development; but, on the negative side, it can create major problems in organizational life with impact on how people think, feel and behave (Cartwright & Cooper, 1993; Kotter, 2007).,
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Vakola, M., & Petrou, P. (2018). An overview of the impact of organizational change on individuals and organizations: An introductory note. In Organizational Change: Psychological Effects and Strategies for Coping (pp. 1–11). doi:10.4324/9781315386102