Important declines have been observed in urological cancer-related mortality in recent decades, mainly due to improvements in treatments of prostate cancer, less exposure to tobacco smoking as well as occupational carcinogens of kidney and bladder. However, because of global population ageing, age-related urinary tract cancers are expected to increase in the near future despite improved primary prevention, early detection and more efficient treatment. In this article, renal cell carcinoma (RCC), kidney transplantation, cancer and acute kidney injury (AKI), lung cancer and chronic kidney disease (CKD), breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervix cancer and brain cancer and their associations with kidney function and structure have been discussed. In conclusion, kidney and cancers have interaction with each other. Kidney carcinoma can be metastasizing to other organs as well as other cancer to kidney. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the potential effect of kidney functions and interaction with other cancers in each malignancy.

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Journal of Renal Injury Prevention
Department of Epidemiology

Davoodi, M. (Mohammad), Bahadoram, S. (Sara), Bahadoram, M. (Mohammad), Barahman, M. (Maedeh), Khazaei, Z. (Zaher), & Amiri, M. (Masoud). (2018). Impact of cancers on the kidney function and structure; An ignored entity. Journal of Renal Injury Prevention (Vol. 7, pp. 112–115). doi:10.15171/jrip.2018.26