Corporate volunteering is an activity located at the intersection of the corporate and nonprofit spheres. Its coordination and implementation create interesting encounters between professionals from both sectors. This article adopts a pragmatic sociological approach to analysing the discursive processes that nurture or hinder these encounters and the corporate volunteering activities they aim to produce. It brings to the fore the nonprofit perspective by analysing 39 semi-structured interviews with Dutch and Belgian nonprofit professionals who were engaged in corporate volunteering coordination. The study shows that a flexible and project-oriented justification regime, which is mainly promoted by nonprofits that match companies with other nonprofits, creates a common discursive terrain that nurtures cross-sectoral collaboration. Other justification regimes, particularly the civic one, are increasingly marginalised, as they are perceived as hindering collaboration rather than enabling it. Thus the proliferation of corporate volunteering, and the dominance of the project-oriented justification that is intertwined with it, together challenge classical identifications of the nonprofit sector with civic action.

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European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University

Shachar, I.Y. (Itamar Y.), Hustinx, L., Roza, L., & Meijs, L. (2018). A new spirit across sectors: Constructing a common justification for corporate volunteering. European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, 5(1-2), 90–115. doi:10.1080/23254823.2018.1435293