In this case we follow the Dutch Member of Parliament Pieter Duisenberg in his journey of advocating for an educational reform. The idea of flexible studying, paying tuition fee only strictly for the courses taken, was taken on by Duisenberg and his colleague Mohandis and quickly grew into a tangible proposal. However, in order to ensure actual realization of the reform, key decisions with regard to strategy needed to be made. Duisenberg did so, amongst others, by setting up a network consisting out of a wide variety of actors, as well as by proposing a pilot in which the full potential of the reform would be emphasised. However, as we find ourselves in the middle of the process at the time of writing, this case will not only concern analysis of past decisions, but also the review of possible future decisions and strategy adaptations.

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Keywords Education, Flexible education, Politics, Parliament, VVD, Duisenberg, Universities
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Series RSM Case Development Centre
Nanne van Doorn, ., Thijs De Jeu, ., Quint Van de Wijngaard, ., & Christine Sheldon, . (2018). FLEXIBLE EDUCATION. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from