Supply chain (SC) management plays a crucial role in modern enterprises, especially for smart manufacturing enterprises. It refers to the coordination and integration with upstream suppliers and downstream customers, aiming at optimizing the performance of the entire SC of smart manufacturing enterprises. Owing to the complexity and dynamics of the SC system and the multitudinous uncertainties of the changing business environment, it is necessary for smart manufacturing enterprises to have a good SC organization and operation model to coordinate the benefits of actors involving in the network system, to improve the information flow and logistics, and to make rapid response to the changing market and industry. For these aspects, this paper attempts to utilize the agent technology to optimize the SC, promoting its capability of dynamic allocation planning. Further, smart manufacturing enterprises will be taken into account in this paper to make specific analysis. The results show that the application of agent technology will contribute to the coordination and dynamic allocation planning, and the agent-based SC dynamic allocation planning will be conducive to the comprehensive performance of the smart manufacturing enterprises, which has extensive managerial significance in practices.

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Journal of Supercomputing

Pu, Z. (Zhenzi), Jiang, Q. (Qijie), Yue, H. (Hongzhu), & Tsaptsinos, M. (2018). Agent-based supply chain allocation model and its application in smart manufacturing enterprises. Journal of Supercomputing. doi:10.1007/s11227-018-2536-x