Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a significant cause of pneumonia in school-aged children and young adults. We report a case of neonatal M. pneumoniae pneumonia in a preterm child manifesting in the first hours of life. Vertical transmission was demonstrated by the detection of M. pneumoniae in inflamed placental tissue indicating chorioamnionitis.,
Neonatology: fetal and neonatal research

Huber, B.M. (Benedikt M.), Meyer Sauteur, P., Unger, W., Hasters, P. (Paul), Eugster, M.R. (Marcel R.), Brandt, S. (Simone), … Berger, C. (2018). Vertical Transmission of Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infection. Neonatology: fetal and neonatal research, 332–336. doi:10.1159/000490610