Purpose This phase 1 study examined safety, pharmacokinetics (PK), and efficacy of the poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitor ABT-767 in patients with advanced solid tumors and BRCA1/2 mutations or with high-grade serous ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer. Methods Patients received ABT-767 monotherapy orally until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity. Dose was escalated from 20 mg once daily to 500 mg twice daily (BID). Dose-limiting toxicities, recommended phase 2 dose (RP2D), food effect, objective response rate, and biomarkers predicting response were determined. Results Ninety-three patients were treated with ABT-767; 80 had a primary diagnosis of ovarian cancer. ABT-767 demonstrated dose-proportional PK up to 500 mg BID and half-life of ~2 h. Food had no effect on ABT-767 bioavailability. Most common grade 3/4 treatment-related adverse events were nausea, fatigue, decreased appetite, and anemia. Anemia showed dose-dependent increase. RP2D was 400 mg BID. Objective response rate by RECIST 1.1 was 21% (17/80) in all evaluable patients and 20% (14/71) in evaluable patients with ovarian cancer. Response rate by RECIST 1.1 and/or CA-125 was 30% (24/80) in patients with ovarian cancer. Mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2, homologous recombination deficiency (HRD), and platinum sensitivity were associated with tumor response. Median progression-free survival was longer for HRD positive (6.7 months) versus HRD negative patients (1.8 months) with ovarian cancer. Conclusions ABT-767 had an acceptable safety profile up to the established RP2D of 400 mg BID and dose-proportional PK. Patients with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation, HRD positivity, and platinum sensitivity were more sensitive to ABT-767.

BRCA, Homologous recombination deficiency, Ovarian cancer, PARP inhibitor, Solid tumor
dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10637-017-0551-z, hdl.handle.net/1765/110337
Investigational New Drugs: the journal of new anti-cancer agents

van der Biessen, A.J, Gietema, J.A, de Jonge, M.J.A, Desar, I.M.E, Den Hollander, M.W, Dudley, M. (Matthew), … Herpen, C.M.L. (2018). A phase 1 study of PARP-inhibitor ABT-767 in advanced solid tumors with BRCA1/2 mutations and high-grade serous ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer. Investigational New Drugs: the journal of new anti-cancer agents, 36(5), 828–835. doi:10.1007/s10637-017-0551-z