Vaccines are increasingly based on new constructs, new technologies, and new compounds. Novel immunization programs are rapidly implemented globally. In this article, we highlight selected hot topics of this highly dynamic and broad field of scientific and public health development. The first section focuses on novel vaccines including malaria, dengue, serogroup B meningococcal, and respiratory syncytial virus vaccines and antibodies. The second section is addressing emerging strategies and programmatic challenges including maternal immunization, integrated mother-child safety monitoring, and finally coping strategies with vaccine shortages.

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Keywords antibodies, dengue, malaria, maternal immunization, meningitis, prevention, respiratory syncytial vaccine, safety, vaccine shortage, virus
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Journal Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Ndaya-Oloo, P. (Paul), Pitisuttithum, P. (Punnee), Tornieporth, N.G. (Nadia G.), Desgrandchamps, D. (Daniel), Munoz, F.M. (Flor M.), Kochhar, S, … Bonhoeffer, J. (2018). Vaccine Update: Recent Progress With Novel Vaccines, and New Approaches to Safety Monitoring and Vaccine Shortage. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 58, S123–S139. doi:10.1002/jcph.1140