Web applications are often the visible face of good or bad strategies for modernization and in-novation in institutions. Typically, there is a low level of technological appropriation. It is common to find that while citizens consume and co-develop applications 2.0, institutions provide information through static websites without inte-raction possibilities.

This communication presents a methodological tool used to analyze from the standpoint of communication, effective use and exploitation of the potential of Web 2.0 in institutional websites. This tool is based on a complete file of analysis to evaluate the quality and visibility of the contents and use of potential and resources of Web 2.0.

The paper will also include the results of the ap-plication of this tool to the website of the Department of Health http://www.informaciongripea.es/.

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Department of Media and Communication

de la Hera Conde-Pumpido, T. (2009). Comunicación Institucional Online: Un modelo para el análisis de usos y potencialidades de la web 2.0. El caso de la Gripe A. In Actas del I Congreso Internacional Latina de Communicacion Social, 2009. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/110505