This Executive Summary of the EAACI Task Force document on Diagnostic Tools in Rhinology provides the readers with an overview of the currently available tools for diagnosis of nasal and sino-nasal disease, published in full version in the first issue of Clinical and Translational Allergy. A panel of European experts in the field of Rhinology have contributed to this consensus document on Diagnostic Tools in Rhinology. Important issues related to history taking, clinical examination and additional investigative tools for evaluation of the severity of nasal and sinonasal disease are briey highlighted in this executive summary.

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Hellings, P., Scadding, G. K., Alobid, I., Bachert, C., Fokkens, W., Gerth van Wijk, R., … van Drunen, C. M. (2012). Executive summary of European task force document on diagnostic tools in rhinology. Rhinology (Vol. 50). doi:10.4193/Rhino11.252