Liberal theories of religious freedom have one important feature in common: abstraction from the religious dimension. Abstraction involves argument that advocate the adoption of a non- ectarian, God-empty and religion-empty understanding of religion in law. Thi common feature of the liberal theories of religiou freedom dismi es arguments ju tifying the pecial legal protection of religion qua religion. Moreover, ab traction renounce arguments that ju tify religious freedom with an appeal to any di - tinct value of religion. Subsequently, abstraction propo es a general framework of ecumenical values in order to ju tify the free exercise and it rethinks religious claims for exemptions from general laws, from that framework of non-sectarian values.

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Keywords Abstraction from the Religious Dimension, Law and Religion, Religious Freedom, Free Exercise Clause, Non-Establishment Clause, Separation of Church and State
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Journal Buffalo Human Rights Law Review
Wahedi, S. (2018). Abstraction from the Religious Dimension. Buffalo Human Rights Law Review, 24(1), 1–44. Retrieved from

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