Research question:
How does early 21st-century resource extractivism shape directions of agro-environmental change, and with what implications for whom?

In this research, addressing this main research question involves dealing with two research subquestions:
i) What are the social relations of production in the Guatemalan flex cane and palm complexes in the early 21st century?
ii) What are the politics of agro-environmental change in Guatemala during the convergent world crises conjuncture?

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Keywords Political ecology of natural resource control, agrarian political economy, political sociology of agro-environmental change, agro-environmental politics, state-society interaction, development
Promotor M.N. Spoor (Max) , S.M. Borras jr. (Saturnino)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978-90-6490-086-0
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Series ISS PhD Theses
Alonso-Fradejas, A. (2018, September 10). The Rise of Agro-Extractive Capitalism : insights from Guatemala in the early 21st century. ISS PhD Theses. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from