Post-marketing management and decision-making about vaccines builds on the early detection of safety concerns and changes in public sentiment, the accurate access to established evidence, and the ability to promptly quantify effects and verify hypotheses about the vaccine benefits and risks. A variety of resources provide relevant information but they use different representations, which makes rapid evidence generation and extraction challenging. This thesis presents automatic methods for interpreting heterogeneously represented vaccine information. Part I evaluates social media messages for monitoring vaccine adverse events and public sentiment in social media messages, using automatic methods for information recognition. Parts II and III develop and evaluate automatic methods and resources for the recognition, representation, and reasoning about established vaccine-related information in scientific literature and extracting information from medical health record databases. Additionally, two user applications, CodeMapper and VaccO, are introduced to accellerate the implementation of collaborative observational studies about vaccines.

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M.C.J.M. Sturkenboom (Miriam) , J.A. Kors (Jan)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Medical Informatics

Becker, B. (2019, January 8). Vaccine semantics : Automatic methods for recognizing, representing, and reasoning about vaccine-related information. Retrieved from