Mobile neighbourhood crime prevention has become increasingly popular in the Netherlands. Since 2015, 7,250 WhatsApp neighbourhood crime prevention (WNCP) groups have been registered online, most of which are initiated and moderated by citizens. This entails a form of participatory policing aimed at neighbourhood crime prevention, which may provoke increased feelings of anxiety and interpersonal surveillance. Community police officers and citizens need to adapt to changed interactions and trust relations in the neighbourhood. This mixed-methods research examines both the mediation of messaging applications and its implementation by both citizens and police, indicating the tensions and negotiations around formal and informal ‘policing’.

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Keywords Participatory policing, neighbourhood watch, WhatsApp, police engagement, community police
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Journal The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles
Pridmore, J.H, Mols, A.E, Wang, Y, & Holleman, F. (2018). Keeping an eye on the neighbours. The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles. doi:10.1177/0032258x18768397