Seaports in Europe are constantly engaged in fi erce competition over market share and one of the strategies utilised to survive this competition is to increase the capacity of the ports. Such a strategy can include the extension of quaysides, the building of new terminals and the construction of better road and railway connections between the port and the hinterland. Th e maritime connection between the port and the sea is another important factor that aff ects the ability of the port stay competitive. Since new ships are designed with larger drafts, port authorities are obliged to increase the dimensions of the navigation channel in order to allow the ships safe passage. After all, if ships do not fi t into the channel, they can never reach the port.

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Teisman, Prof. Dr. Ir. G.R. (promotor)
G.R. Teisman (Geert)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Public Administration

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