In this paper, we analyze a family of formulations for the Cyclic Crew Rostering Problem (CCRP), in which a cyclic roster has to be constructed for a group of employees. We derive analytical results regarding the relative strength of the dierent formulations, which can serve as a guideline for formulating a given problem instance. Furthermore, we propose a column generation approach, which we use to develop an exact Branch-and-Price method, and a heuristic which aims at exploiting the information obtained from the linear relaxation. We conclude by applying our proposed solution method to practical instances from Netherlands Railways. In particular, we show that the computation time depends heavily on the selected formulation, and that the column generation approach outperforms a commercial solver on hard instances.

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Econometric Institute Research Papers
Erasmus School of Economics

Breugem, T., Dollevoet, T., & Huisman, D. (2018). Analyzing a Family of Formulations for Cyclic Crew Rostering (No. EI2018-35). Econometric Institute Research Papers. Retrieved from