Being subject to time and budget constraints, researchers have to decide whether to attend academic conferences, and if so, which conferences are associated with the best publication outcomes. Based on acknowledgment information obtained from footnotes of more than 3,000 research articles published in finance journals, we first argue that conference participation constitutes an important factor when publishing research articles in top finance journals. We further track the publication status of about 9,000 research articles presented at the most popular finance conferences. Thereby, we arrive at a ranking of 47 finance conferences with the highest appearance rates in top finance and economics journals. In doing so, we provide finance researchers with guidance so they can decide which conferences to attend.

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Journal of Empirical Finance
Department of Business Economics

Reinartz, S.J. (Sebastian), & Urban, D. (2017). Finance conference quality and publication success: A conference ranking. Journal of Empirical Finance. doi:10.1016/j.jempfin.2017.03.001