To examine care characteristics related to desirable care as reported by formal and informal caregivers in Dutch Psycho‐geriatric nursing homes for patients with dementia.
Qualitative exploratory study.
Methods The sample consisted of four nursing homes. In each home, semi‐structured interviews were conducted with a manager, a quality advisor or head nurse, a daily care supervisor and an informal caregiver. The findings were analysed by labelling and coding the text fragments.
The 16 semi‐structured interviews contained 60 discussion items. The 16 items that were shared by the four interviewee categories were clustered into the following six major themes: good quality of care; poor quality of care; elements of a vision; extra hands; bureaucracy; and formal caregivers.,
Nursing Open
Department of Internal Medicine

van Dijk, M., & Buijck, B. (2017). What is desirable care in the opinion of formal and informal caregivers in nursing-home care for patients with dementia?. Nursing Open, 5(2), 139–148. doi:10.1002/nop2.122