As editor of the Development journal for 23 years, Wendy Harcourt takes a walk down memory lane in order to review the main themes that stand out for her as we consider what lies ahead.
She reflects on four major themes which she argues informs development’s past and future: diversity, body politics, post-development and sustainable development.

Body politics, Diversity, Post-development, Sustainable development,
Development (Basingstoke)
This article is partially based on chapter ‘Gender perspectives on development studies’ written for a forthcoming book to be published by Palgrave—Building development studies for the new millennium edited by I.S.A. Baud, E. Basile and T. Kontinen.

Harcourt, W. (2018). Gender and Development: Looking Back, Looking Forward. Development (Basingstoke). doi:10.1057/s41301-018-0185-2