This article has been corrected: The correct author name is given below: Mariano Bizzarri.,
Department of Pathology

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c-MET receptor as potential biomarker and target molecule for malignant testicular germ cell tumors
Scheri, K.C. (Katia Corano), Leonetti, E. (Erica), Laino, L. (Luigi), Gigantino, V. (Vincenzo), Gesualdi, L. (Luisa), Grammatico, P. (Paola), Bizzari, M. (Mariano), Franco, R. (Renato), J.W. Oosterhuis (Wolter), J.A. Stoop (Hans), et al. L.H.J. Looijenga (Leendert), Ricci, G. (Giulia) and Catizone, A. (Angela)